Why | To inspire Londoners, planners and decision-makers
What | Comparative research and awareness-raising
Where | London, UK
With Coloki 
Who | For the Academy of Urbanism

With the ‘Dutch Cycling in London’ project and an informative and satirical website, I want to point at the differences between London’s cycling style and the Dutch cycling way. Website here: https://dutchcyclinginlondon.com/

Riding a bike the Dutch way is, not only green, healthy, clean, time-efficient and fun, but also social, safe, affordable, practical, laid-back, supporting local economies, comfortable and for everyone – from kids to elders.

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OUR GOLDERS GREEN, Town Centre Strategy

Why | To ensure a bright future for Golders Green
What | Town centre strategy, stakeholder and community engagement
Where | London, UK
With Fluid/Soundings
Who | For Barnet Council

Golders Green town centre is located in North London. It faces challenges due to the new consumers’ habits, the nearby shopping centre, its many buses creating an unhealthy environment and regular religious tensions. However it offers a unique historic setting, is the gateway to metropolitan parks of great interest and only 30min away from Central London by public transport.

The purpose of the project is to develop a strategy together with public bodies, stakeholders and the community to secure a great future for the area and its surroundings, in the short-term and in the longer term.

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Why | To support Design Team & Council to review the Estate Regeneration Masterplan
What | Public consultation and development planning
Where | South Kilburn, London, UK (40 ha)
Who | For the London Borough of Brent

The regeneration of South Kilburn is a fifteen-year programme that is approximately half way through. It aims to transform the area into a sustainable and mixed neighbourhood and create a real sense of place and belonging.

The comprehensive strategic Masterplan Review involved reviewing current phasing proposals, timelines, public realm and much more to ensure that the revised Masterplan addresses current community needs, programme requirements, new planning policies and latest standards set by institutions such as the GLA (Greater London Authority).

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